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General Dental Council Registered Dental Nurse
Nicola has previously worked as an orthodontic nurse in orthodontic practices, and joined Lotus Orthodontics in 2020. Since joining Lotus Orthodontics, Nicola has gained her radiographic qualification. As an orthodontic nurse, and patient coordinator, Nicola works closely with Chris, to help people achieve the smiles, that will make them the envy, of all their friends, and family.


Business Manager
Pam worked for many years as a senior civil servant. Now all duties involved with ‘front of house’, patient management, and patient welfare, are covered by Pam. Additionally Pam is responsible for clerical, financial and management duties of Lotus Orthodontics


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    Patients say they’ll miss us when their treatment is over. See our Brace Success page for more.

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    Lotus the nearest Specialist Orthodontic Practice to local schools
    Lotus only a 2-minute walk from Altrincham’s Stamford Quater multi-storey car park.
    Lotus a 5-minute walk to Altrincham Metro Station.

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    Age is no restriction to orthodontics 8 to 108
    I bet you never knew Chris could help restore your smile at any age.
    People of any age are welcome.

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    As recommended by the American Association of Orthodontists Chris sees children  8 years old, reducing the need to extract healthy teeth

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    The expense of crowns, bridges, veneers and implants.

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    Assessments Under 18’s on the NHS, following a referral by a patients dentist.

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    Oral hygiene lessons for our patients.

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“I cannot express how pleased I am with my smile! Chris is professional, dependable, conscientious, courteous and very dedicated. Providing an excellent service where he and his staff were always welcoming and put me at ease! An overall pleasurable experience with amazing results. Thank you!”


“Very friendly orthodontist. Rang to sort out my permanent retainer which had started to wear out after about 10 years, saw me as a new patient 2 hours later. Really don't like getting work done on my teeth but he made me feel very relaxed. Overall a much better experience than what I had with my previous orthodontist. Would definitely recommend.”

Henry Newbery

“Amazing orthodontics with friendly staff who make you feel welcomed whilst providing excellent service!”


“Absolutely amazing!! Dr West and the team were extremely helpful and friendly. I had my braces on for 22 months and I'll certainly miss coming back now that they're off!”

George Harrison

“Amazing Orthodontics! Friendly staff and nice environment. The job was finished to the absolute best it could and I am over the moon with how the end result of my teeth look! i would recommend this orthodontics to anybody.”

Rachel Colbridge

“Amazing staff, very fast and efficient help!!! Would recommend to anyone.”


“Very nice staff and amazing results!”

Jenny Searle

"Everyone at Lotus was very helpful and they transformed my smile. I was always made aware of my different treatment options and my end result is amazing."

Antonia Merrick

"Returning customer after 13 years for some repair treatment, Dr West was very thorough in discussing my treatment and carrying out my treatment."

James Wilkinson

"I have had a wonderful outcome of having perfect teeth thanks to the great team that work here! It has a very friendly yet professional atmosphere and I will miss coming here! :)"

Jess Saunders