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Damon fixed braces take convenience to a whole new level — no elastic ties, no appointments to tighten your braces and often, no need for extractions. These are self-ligating braces.


Traditional fixed metal braces come in 3 main parts: brackets, wires and elastic ties around the brackets to help the wires pull the teeth into alignment. Elastic ties can cause friction and discomfort so Damon does away with them in favour of self-ligating braces. A slide mechanism holds the wire in place and the wire itself has shape memory, which together means your teeth are moved more quickly and comfortably without the need for so many appointments to have your braces adjusted. 

fixed braces


The clinical approach used with Damon fixed braces means there is far less need to extract any teeth or expand your palate in preparation for your treatment. 
Damon fixed braces provide a more comfortable treatment journey than traditional fixed metal braces by getting rid of elastic ties, which can cause irritation and make teeth cleaning more difficult.
Damon fixed braces save you time in the dental chair as you won’t need to come in for appointments to tighten up elastic ties. 


After your initial consultation to determine if Damon braces are right for you, we’ll take impressions of your teeth so that our experienced orthodontist Chris West can create a personalised treatment plan for you. 
At your fitting appointment Chris will attach the Damon brackets and wires and advise you on how to take care of your teeth during your treatment. You’ll come in for regular appointments so we can check the progress of your treatment and make any necessary adjustments to your braces. At the end of it all you’ll walk away with a more confident smile. 

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“I cannot express how pleased I am with my smile! Chris is professional, dependable, conscientious, courteous and very dedicated. Providing an excellent service where he and his staff were always welcoming and put me at ease! An overall pleasurable experience with amazing results. Thank you!”


“Very friendly orthodontist. Rang to sort out my permanent retainer which had started to wear out after about 10 years, saw me as a new patient 2 hours later. Really don't like getting work done on my teeth but he made me feel very relaxed. Overall a much better experience than what I had with my previous orthodontist. Would definitely recommend.”

Henry Newbery

“Amazing orthodontics with friendly staff who make you feel welcomed whilst providing excellent service!”


“Absolutely amazing!! Dr West and the team were extremely helpful and friendly. I had my braces on for 22 months and I'll certainly miss coming back now that they're off!”

George Harrison

“Amazing Orthodontics! Friendly staff and nice environment. The job was finished to the absolute best it could and I am over the moon with how the end result of my teeth look! i would recommend this orthodontics to anybody.”

Rachel Colbridge

“Amazing staff, very fast and efficient help!!! Would recommend to anyone.”


“Very nice staff and amazing results!”

Jenny Searle

"Everyone at Lotus was very helpful and they transformed my smile. I was always made aware of my different treatment options and my end result is amazing."

Antonia Merrick

"Returning customer after 13 years for some repair treatment, Dr West was very thorough in discussing my treatment and carrying out my treatment."

James Wilkinson

"I have had a wonderful outcome of having perfect teeth thanks to the great team that work here! It has a very friendly yet professional atmosphere and I will miss coming here! :)"

Jess Saunders

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